What are gun games?

Over the years, there have been hundreds, even thousands of games featuring guns of some sort. Whether it’s a side-scrolling blaster like Contra, or something three-dimensional like Unreal Tournament, gun games have been consistently popular for decades.This part of the site is home to our selection of high-quality gun games. They’re all presented in HTML5 so you won’t need to download or install them; just select the gun game you’d like to play and get shooting!One of the most popular varieties of gun game is the light-gun game. These have been around since before digital microprocessors were invented. Back in the 1920s, players used to shoot light at targets equipped with special electrical sensors. Among the most influential of these games was Duck Hunt for the NES. Released in 1984, this game was actually based on a concept refined in the 1970s. It took advantage of an iconic Nintendo peripheral: the NES Zapper. With the help of one of these and a CRT (cathode-ray tube) TV – which are now obsolete – you could shoot ducks in the comfort of your home!As 3D graphics improved, so did the quality of opponents that light-gun-equipped gamers were faced with. Zombies lurched toward the camera in The House of the Dead; terrorists shot from behind cover in Time Crisis; killer robots chased the player in Terminator 2.Nowadays, few of us use light guns at home, preferring the immediacy of a touchscreen, control pad, or mouse-and-keyboard combo. This change has largely been driven by the fact that modern flat-panel televisions aren’t compatible with light-guns in the same way as CRTs were. As such, developers have had to get creative with motion-control peripherals, like the Wii Remote and Playstation’s Move controllers.But that doesn’t mean that the genre is dead; if you’re looking to play a gun game, you still can thanks to the HTML5 offerings available in this part of the Gamepix site.

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