What are Friv Unblocked Games?

Is Friv blocked for you? Since 2006, Friv has provided a home for games from a range of genres. Sprint Club Nitro, Moto X3M, Gravity Soccer, Neon Road – they couldn’t be any more different, and yet they’re all included in Friv’s extensive catalogue. So, whether you like your gaming experience to be a solo experience or a multiplayer one, there’s a game for you. Looking for action and combat? There’s Soldier Legend. Looking to take the role of a rampaging Tyrannosaur in Brazil? There’s Rio Rex! Unfortunately, there are a few downsides to Friv. The first is that many of the games are in Flash format, rather than the more modern HTML5. This means you’ll need to have the latest version of Flash downloaded and installed in order to play. The second downside is that many of the people who run networks at schools and workplaces have discovered all the great games on Friv – and they’ve decided to block them. After all, when students have work to complete, and office workers have numbers to crunch, it’s not always a good idea for them to have access to a ton of awesome games! So, what’s the solution? The obvious one is to find another source for all of those much-loved games. Here at Gamepix, we’ve decided to provide just such a thing: we stock many of the games you know and love from over at Friv, and a whole lot more besides. If you’re looking to enjoy those much-loved classics from Friv, unblocked, and without requiring any downloads or installations, Gamepix is the perfect place to do it. To get started, all you’ll need to do is pick a game, follow the instructions, and start playing! Good luck!

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